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Posted by Selena Uruguay | lunes, 13 de abril de 2015 | 0 Comentarios

"@selenagomez: Backyard sessions wit my boo @byjakebailey - photo by Jake"

"@selenagomez: Make up and photography by @byjakebailey"

"@leahhaywood: Photos of photos… Studio time with @selenagomez#ashleybabywhisperer and #babyburrito"

"@sodraya: #FlashBackFriday to last year when @selenagomez first wore #MintSwim …. Thanks for wearing my brand and wearing it to perfection, with your fine ass 😍"

"@selenagomez: Missing and loving my big sissy @vanessahudgens as she dominates Broadway. I remember watching tv and looking up to her, now I’m supporting her from across the country, kind of surreal.
-GO CHECK IT OUT NYC. #proudsis #LOVEYOUBEAUTIFULSOUL #gangstahippies"

"@pmdeleon22: I finally left enough annoying Instagram comments.. She came to Texas. So now I get my “mommy haircut” 💗"

"@selenagomez: I mean, candids are always the best. My cousin @pmdeleon22 is having her first. We always dreamed of having one together. UM, not today BUT beyond happy I’m a godmother now ☺️👶🙏🙌"

"@andria112: My cus Selena"

"@jcosme75: Jayden is such a ladies man. He loves pretty ladies💙❤️. Enjoying Aiden's baby shower🍼"

"@tereluna_: I just met bae and she’s a beauty! Can’t even 😍❤️"

"@selenagomez: Coming from a separated family, now that I have sisters, I am blessed enough to have both from every end."

"@galactic_boom_op: Natt Wolf & Selena Gomez with sound town!"

"@pmdeleon22: I’ll wait for you to have #2.. Ps I’m getting the 5 year birth control so no rush 😂"

"@brooke_newsom: Friends come and go but family stays forever….. Sorry I didn’t get to see you much this weekend from working but I will see you when you come back home! 😘"

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